India is not Bangalore

It took me a while to decide whether or not to share this story here, but as it was fading out on facebook, I thought I’d keep it at hand for those who want to check out some pictures. It’s a business trip story. Or is it? It’s been 3 weeks well spent in Bangalore, enough to get...
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A sip of sugarcane-flavored Africa

Africa. Stop #random. Few days with nice people in the scorching sun of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Here’s a few words about my short experience in Africa, made possible with the huge pull from my lovely girlfriend, Cristina. One year ago I was really not expecting to set foot on two more continents...
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— The end? No. Just a pause —

A bit over a year later, I am back where it all started, in Brno and then even further, back to my hometown, to Bucharest, Romania. It is the end of a very nice chapter in my life, the time of wandering, of exploration, of meeting new cultures and making new friends. I have learnt a few important...
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Ecuador – where the journey South ends

As most of you might know already, I bought my flight back to Europe some time ago. Left with a couple of months of my amazing journey in South America, I decided to share them between Colombia and Venezuela, or maybe Ecuador. The distances are not as short as in Central America and I found myself...
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Colombia – the rest of the story

Let me pick up the story from where I left it – Medellin. I was just getting ready to join the awesome parties and the festival of flowers “Feria de las Flores”. Which I did, for a night. Then I woke up and realized it’s probably not my type of fun. I had good company,...
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Hello Colombia. I love you

I challenge you to think a bit before you start reading. Think about what you know about this country, or what you knew about it before visiting Colombia. What do you know about its politics, internal situation, its people, and maybe about the performances in sports. Mexico, before getting there,...
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I dare you to see my adventures, read my story, smile and say hi if you did!

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