It’s a lazy Saturday and it’s raining. To push me down a bit more, this morning I saw my car going away, driven by the new owner. Since he’s a friend, I didn’t say good-bye to Deedee yet, but seeing it go away after all the passion and dedication I invested into it, is a bit sad. However, we’re reviewing the stuff we’ve done so far to prepare for the trip, but other than sell, make lists, and count the days till we leave is not much else. Of course, the constant changing of routes is something normal at this stage.

In terms of lists, there’s nothing to add. Nothing changed so far – all good. We will test how it all fits in the backpack a bit later…

In terms of selling, Marrra -my motorbike- is gone, Deedee -my car- is gone, and all the little stuff I’ve gathered through the years is almost gone. I’m still holding on to my longboard and freeboard, waiting for a sunny day to have one last ride. Some of the stuff I already took to my parents and some more is yet to be sent there. The furniture is gone too. What I realized about the whole selling process is that the stuff you own and you fell so comfortable with… has little to no value to others. If it’s not new, flawless and shiny, or exactly what someone wants, people show close to no interest in it. And people like stuff that is NEW. It’s easy to sell relatively new stuff used daily for say one year for half the price, yet hard to sell some clothes, or equipment that was hardly ever used only because it’s old (or that is my belief).

There are many factors that count in, of course. Bottom line is that I didn’t expect to make a fortune by selling what I had, but not throw it away or sell it for nothing. If I thought there was a small chance I’d come back to this place, I be would put everything into storage.

In terms of planning, everyone is curious about the destination or the route. To be honest, so are we. I drafted a plan for the first month or so, but that’s all there is so far – a draft. But in order to be prepared for everything (say Central+South America) we are taking some vaccines and searching for some cheap travel insurance (which doesn’t look cheap so far).

And this is how it looks so far. A good and helpful resource was