After spending a few days with Victoria and her family (The experience) Victoria took us for a day trip to the ocean. I was looking towards it a lot because I like beaches (for strolling around rather than for sun tanning). Four of us (Victoria and her daughter Adrienne, I and Alex) left the house early in the morning to make most of the day. Victoria trusted Alex with driving her car and so it was the first time Alex has driven in the USA and the first time he has driven a car with an automatic gear.

After arriving in Rehoboth Beach we visited Victoria’s friend and we left the car at his place. He was very nice person and he spent the day with us being our guide around Delaware Seashore State Park specifically Gordon Pond Wildlife Area and Cape Henlopen State Park. We rented bicycles and started our workout around the protected area. It was an amazing place. A sealed paths took us around beaches, a pond with wildlife birds and through forest parts where were old guard towers once used to look out for an enemy during WWII.


The nature around the pond was remarkable – birds hunting fish, some nesting in the sight. The beaches were accessible from certain entrances only due to dunes, but they weren’t patrolled. At the first one they were mostly families and the water wasn’t that cold. The further we got to the edge where the land stretches to the ocean the colder the water was cooler. The beaches closer to the edge were accessible by car and people used the possibility. They had bbqs, dogs and many went there to spend the time by fishing. After we got back to the city we had a picnic in a park and then tired and happy we went back to Victoria’s house.