…or, as some say, a romantic city. But before going there, we woke up next to this wonderful reclaimed bridge, now turned into a nice garden with flowers and miniature sculptures. We spend some time admiring the works and then we went on our way.

Few days before departing John we watched a movie called “The Longest Ride”, a very nice one, shot in NC, which inspired us to visit some places. The Wake Forest university featured in the movie is located in Winston-Salem. However, since we saw the original Wake Forest building in Wake Forest, few miles away from John’s place, we decided to skip forward to the Black Forest College of arts, but that has been discontinued some 50 years ago. So we’re left with Asheville, the romantic city. There are plenty of arts studios is Asheville where you can see artists performing live, or even take classes in your favorite art (we’ve seen a lot of kids learning pottery)

We left Asheville a bit after noon and went shopping in Newport. Then we dedicated the whole afternoon looking for a nice place to camp, preferably next to a lake. We drove for about 2hrs taking all the little roads leading to the lake just to end up in front of people’s homes or in front of some big sign saying either “private property” or “no trespassing” (or even both). We also tried a campground with nice access to the lake and only a few people around. No price list, and no places for tents, but a nice waterfront and a large dock. Told them we want to sleep in the car, and charged us $5. All happy, we set up the ‘tent’ behind the car and went for a swim. But no! The host had a sudden change of mind and came to ask for $25 because what we wanted “is more like camping”. We decided to leave and found our own place in the forest about 1h later. No swimming this time, but we kept it free!

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