After a long journey and with a bit of excitement, we reached our host from Chicago, John. He didn’t actually live in Chicago, but that was probably to our benefit. Living in a slow town in Indiana, 30min drive from Chicago, allowed us to relax and get gas at a lower price of $2.87/gal, instead of the insane amount of $3.99/gal in Chicago.

Chicago was crazy as expected, with highways with 7 lanes and cars rushing at 30mph over the speed limit, with an insane traffic and impatient people honking for everything, with plenty of rushing businessmen, and with a significant amount of tourists and a well developed industry of taking your money. We managed to avoid the really expensive parking places by checking in as early bird (before 10am) and leaving late in the early evening – spending this way only $10 on the first day and $8 on the second one we were in Chicago.

What we took from Chicago were a few experiences, unique for us:
– taking pictures with ‘the bean’ (well, not a crazy thing, but everyone does it)
– testing the water of Lake Michigan
– having an “Italian Beef sandwich” (not that good thing) and a “stuffed pizza” (good, but veeery cheesy)
– going up in a skyscraper to the 96th floor (the view was nice, but the elevator was insanely fast).
– visiting Chinatown for cheap electronics and not finding any such store
– walking along the pier, the museums and downtown, going inside fancy-looking buildings

We also took a little cold with us. The first day was really warm, with a cold breeze in the evening, but the next day was not that warm and took us a few days to gain back the warmth we lost. And of course, we took plenty of pictures.