Since we were in St. Louis and our friend Kelley was visiting her parents, we thought it’s worth paying a visit to meet her and her little Lincoln. We only spent a couple of nights together, but nights in a big University city (go Wild Cats!) are meant to be spent in the city, visiting the pubs. We went out for just a beer the first night, because it was the home coming day, and the whole city was crazy, but we recovered the next day with a proper diner with some of her friends.

We met her family who hosted us (first night it was her brother – getting the feeling of sleeping in a brotherhood house with few other fun people. No pictures were taken). This short stop gave us a little time to relax, since there were not many touristy places to see around the city.

We’re now heading to Chicago, with a small stop in Omaha; and Frank, the truck, is still alive!

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