As we were leaving Chicago and thinking about meeting Ellisa in Upper Peninsula, I decided we could stop for a night in Milwaukee, as it was on the way. I knew nothing about the city, and I expected to see maybe an industrial city, as some of the tools are branded Milwaukee. I wasn’t that far away from the truth, but I had a feeling the city is more of an office-city, at least the center of it. We based our tour on a short research on Trip Advisor corroborated with the few tips we got from our host. Turned out to be a nice tour.

The tour started with a walk around the Veteran’s park, around the nice building of the Art Museum, and further to the Discovery World. No time and $$ to visit them all, so I continued towards the river and the center, spending a few minutes in St. Paul church, where someone was playing the organ in the empty building, and then continued to the old city market and the famous Historic Third Ward – a place full of old brick buildings restored and turned into hipster locations. The way back was along the river, taking the RiverWalk from one end to the other and having a well-deserved beer in the Lakefront brewery. I followed Melissa’s advice and tried the curd cheese there, which was indeed very tasty.

The whole tour took me about 4 hours, and I’ve only been walking. Enjoy the few pictures of Milwaukee and maybe write your impressions or questions in comments.

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