It’s officially autumn and we’re back in the USA!
Entering again was not a big deal – no questions asked about what we bring in or anything else. Just a regular waiting time of about 30min and a $6 fee for a little paper to put in the passport (another stamp). Lucy got her ESTA/visa extended for another 3 months upon reentry (yay!), and I didn’t ask for an extension. We’re both out of the country before mid-December.

This being said, it’s time to get to the story with the nature and the wonderful nature of Maine (and New England). As we entered the state, we were greeted with a wild scenery, rivers, waterfalls by the road and a bit later the road was winding among some wide lakes and rivers. We first wanted to go to Baxter National Park, but the whole system was too complicated, discriminating between the residents and non-residents, a bit pricey, and also full over the weekend. We agreed to only park for the day while we climb Mt. Katahdin. We camped in the nature, close to the park. The morning came with clouds and cold weather, so we continued our trip to Acadia.

Acadia was not on our trip, but since it was recommended to us by many of the CouchSurfing hosts and people we met along the way, we took the great decision to visit it for a day or two. We ended up spending four full days in the park, as it is wild and awesome. Entrance fee of $25 per car for a week is well worth spending. A free bus takes you around the island and to all the good places. Campsites are everywhere if you can afford them. For the first time we experienced the Walmart parking for the night (us and about 50 other RVs/campers) at quite a reasonable rate!! (overnight parking in Walmart is allowed and free). The next 2 nights we found a better, warmer place in the forest.

The average age of the people visiting the park was probably 50. Brought down by the few climbers and the few young tourists like us. We enjoyed there some trails around the lakes, the Sandy Beach and a long walk on the stony shore, plenty of birds in their natural habit (kept thinking about my friend, Marin, who was into pictures with wild birds), an amazing sunset on top on Cadillac Mountain, and the first (and probably last) lobster in our lives (yuck!). Thanks John for your recommendations!

And one more from the road, right after we left:

had to stop! awesome workshop

had to stop! awesome workshop

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