We were told all along that the view of the waterfall is a lot better from the Canadian side of the Niagara river (basically Lake Erie donating water to Lake Ontario). The truth is that you can barely see anything from the American side. They even built a small path hanging high above the river to help you look back at the falls, but very few people were there. At this point I was thinking this waterfall alone was worth the trouble to get the Canadian visa. Not a big deal if you’re American citizen – just don’t forget your passport when you go for a visit!

Indeed, there were a lot of people around, but quite easy to get nice shots or a place to contemplate the massive amount of water falling down. I could only think of the Danube river, taking a turn and silently falling 50m down, crashing on some stones. And at that volume, 50m is enough not to hear a sound upstream. Other than the pure awesomeness of the waterfall there are plenty of other things to do around. From the boat trips to the lower part of the falls (a free shower for $20) and the huge water park built on top of a 6 story parking lot, to the multitude of Casinos all around the place, the place is packed with people. And if the waterfall is not enough for a day, one can drive towards Toronto for a few miles to the whirlpool and further to the city of Niagara on the Lake (we passed through but we were hurrying to get back before the rush hour in Toronto).

Oh, sure, and the pictures – few more than those shared on Fb!