We left our dear friend John in NC and took the cheapest flight we found to the West coast (or anywhere near), therefore we flew to Phoenix, AZ for $160 (plus $25 for each backpack). We had quite a wow! moment when we looked down the plane window and saw the desert with no green whatsoever, and then cultures here and there, disposed in circles, or squares lined up N/S and E/W so well that you could calibrate your compass. And then we reached Phoenix – a city so flat that you can see quite a huge chunk if your house has more than 2 levels – the only thing that might hinder your vision being the palm trees. I had a small shock being in such a desert climate for the first time – so many new plants and palm trees and dates falling from the trees without people eating them.

Unfortunately we had to leave in service our soap-sized camera we bought in NYC (bad connector – won’t charge anymore). We’ll see how much will take them to fix it and how much will take to have it back. It was a Samsung WB350F if you were curious.

But on the bright side, we’ve bought new wheels off the craiglist! 😀 Sneak peak: it’s a ’99 Chrysler Town and Country, and we believe we made a good deal. It’s quite ok on the outside, it has 6 seats we don’t really need, leaks here and there and the transmission slips a bit. It has plenty of buttons to learn about and a stereo with a passion for loud music. In fact it doesn’t play it otherwise. So… we named it Dolphy, because it’s spacious, it drives smooth like a dolphin and squeaks now and then just like a marine mammal. And we need to thank the sellers, Janet and Terry for being truly honest and shortening our bus trip through Mesa – it was a fast deal we’ll talk more about in the next post!

And here’s Dolphy:

[mmm marker=”30″]