And that’s pretty much the way we spend another wonderful day. As we were heading towards the 4 state corners and the Arches National Park, we stopped by all the nice things that came up our way. Lonely rock was a nice public area with access to the river, where people would launch their (big) boats on Colorado river. Our car was definitely small among the huge RVs and Jeeps, but that didn’t stop us to wet our toes a bit.

Not far away from there we stopped by the Powell lake, close to the big dam, and walked a bit around. Quite an impressive dam and the view of the lake from there. We continued to Page, a city that we’ll remember for the rest of our trip. Our car came with a radio CD-player that would turn loud all of a sudden, in the worst moments. And there is almost no radio reception throughout the whole state of Arizona. Plus we didn’t have any CD or possibility to write one. So in Page we stopped by Walmart and bought this $20 radio and MP3 player, with bluetooth and USB and SD card reader – the perfect combo, for that price. Went to the parking lot, removed the old stereo, installed the new one (connecting by hand all the 12 wires) and happily power it on. Poc! a capacitor exploded and smoke was everywhere! Argh! Went back to Walmart and returned it! Then installed the old radio and continued our way to the Horseshoe bend. Quite a lovely day fort a short hike, but then… we kinda’ had enough singing on the way and searching for a new radio every 2 minutes. Therefore, after checking the ‘interesting’ bend in the Colorado river, we went back to Walmart and bought a new radio (the same one). This one didn’t explode and we finally have good music! 😀

There were still hours in the day when we moved on to the Antelope Canyon. The weather was not so sunny anymore and we’d have less than optimum phone taken pictures. However, the main reason we avoided it was a huge entrance fee, prohibitive for us: $56 to get in, plus some extra for a guided tour, because you can’t walk alone on Navajo lands. So we left them with their own pride and continued our way towards the “Four Corners Monument”, but camped along the way, with a really nice view. We love Arizona for this reason. You can find an awesome place to camp whenever you decide to. Just pull over in the desert on any of the gravel roads and find a bit of shade! The view is pretty much included every time. What a life!

And since we’re still in Arizona, we figured this state is simply huge. But then we saw all the roads we took – pretty much driving around stones and taking long detours because they didn’t or couldn’t cut a road straight through. We really enjoy it!