We continued our journey South, on the coast of California, driving on the famous coastal road California US 1, stopping here and there to see some nice wood works, drive through a forest of huge Redwood trees, then drive!! through a living tree, or simply walk among the giants after the wonderful winding road of the Avenue of the Giants. These trees are simply amazing. We camped mostly in the rest areas along the way and found showers at some campsites on the coast. The coast is also amazing, stony and with big white waves, and even though it’s November, surf’s not dead! We spent half of the day in Fort Bragg, home of the “Glass beach”, or what’s left of it. Interesting how a former dumping area turns out into a place of rusty relics and rounded beads of glass only decades later.

It’s hard to explain the feeling of insignificance we had when we walked through the few remaining patches of giant redwood trees. The nature seems so old that it doesn’t matter that a few bugs like us, humans, walk among the huge ferns through the dark and moistly forest. I believe these trees, some over 1000 years old, don’t even see us coming and going around their roots until some decide to cut them. And also hurts when you see one of these giants blown to the ground by some big storm, but then new life starts on its old trunk, and it’s been like this for decades.

We keep on going South, heading to San Francisco, in the crazy traffic of California. It’s hard to imagine someone’s life on these roads in the summer. Here are some pictures from the forest, but there are more below, on the google account (check the link)

More pictures here!