I know you all like the pictures and probably a little less the story behind them. That’s why Lucy wanted a new phone with a better camera to present you her own view (our camera is still ‘in transit’ somewhere with the USPS). So we left San Francisco and found the nearest rest area South from the city to get some sleep. The next day we drove through insane highways full of Californian drivers, and then through some very well organized farm lands and orchards, till we arrived in Modesto to buy the phone, and then Merced. Our host Tyler, and his really nice roommates gathered around the table and kept us really nice company throughout the evening. It was then when we realized we needed some rest. Thanks to them, we spent the whole next day resting and putting some order in our stuff before heading over to another one of the most expected places on our ‘to do’ list: Yosemite NP.

It was a full day, morning till late night. It was not too cold, but not warm either since there was snow all around. There were no climbers on El Capitan, but we enjoyed the nature to the fullest. We saw a few herds of deer really close to us, a few coyotes and some really nice birds we can’t even name. Not to mention the wonderful autumn colors of the trees, the amazingly tall waterfalls and one unbelievable sunset over El Capitan from the Tunnel Viewpoint. We also had one of the best night sleeps in the valley, but took us a good hour to find an isolated place with bovine smells and plenty of clear sky!

All the other pictures here!

journey map