Crossing the border to Belize on a motorcycle – Chetumal 2016

Initial data:
-the motorcycle was bought in Oaxaca, Mexico, from a person (not new), so it was already registered on that person’s name
-buying a new motorcycle as a tourist in Mexico is impossible (according to the dealers and forums) but I heard of people who did it somehow
-I paid 1000pesos (55 USD) to change the “tarjeta de circulacion” to my name. It took the second intermediary one day. It took me two weeks to find out the first intermediary did nothing, and did not intend to do anything
-no FM3 form was necessary to register it on my name, or to take it out of the country. The only documents needed for a title transfer (new card): copy of the buy/sell paper, copy of my passport, copy of the motorcycle import paper (it was an ‘import’)

The border crossing at Chetumal, on 9th of January 2016, took me about 30minutes.
Exiting Mexico:
– stop at the small booth and get your exit stamp in the passport (at this point at least 3 people tried to convince me to buy insurance for Belize, almost threatening me that I won’t be able to enter Belize – I ignored them all)
– I provided a printed receipt of the detailed flight ticket, showing the tourist tax being already paid. No questions asked, exit stamp in less than a minute.

Entering Belize:
– as I read on other forums, I stopped at the “fumigation” booth where I paid 5USD for some chemical spray on my wheels and a receipt.
– continued to the border, where I had to stop and unload my luggage, then carry it inside. There I had to fill a short form with general information, just like when entering Mexico – 5 min
– few meters behind the first counter, is the vehicle import ‘counter’. It takes them about 5min to write down something about the vehicle, give you a copy, and add another stamp to your passport (about the vehicle). Once done, I return to the bike and put all my luggage back on. At this point I realize that nobody asked about the fumigation paper.
– show the passport and the import paper to the officer at the border, answer a few questions (where do you go, what’s the purpose of your stay, how much does your bike cost) and then you’re in Belize
– INSURANCE. Right after the border you’ll see the first sign towards Belize City, indicating to turn left (that’s one of the only two signs I saw until entering the city). At this point, turn right and in 10m is the official insurance company (Insurance of Belize if I remember correctly). USD $20 for two weeks, USD $30 for a month. This takes a while, especially if there are some other people in line.

I hope this has been informative to you.