Guasaule – The border crossing that takes you from Honduras to Nicaragua on the straight line (I was riding to Leon, Nicaragua). I crossed the border on the motorcycle on the day of the Force, 4th of May, 2016.
Total time: 1h 20min

Exiting Honduras

Papers needed:
– passport (original)
– vehicle import permit (the original) – they keep it

Honduras customs building

Honduras customs building

Walk into the building avoiding all the helpers, kids, beggars – all aggressive. Yes, it’s a challenge! The first desks you see are the ones you need last. Go first on the other side of the building, to the immigration. They check you out – no exit stamp in the passport. Then, go to the customs window with the passport and the import paper. They keep the import paper and you’re free to exit the country. Drive your way out through the maze of trucks into the Nicaraguan side of the border.

Entering Nicaragua

Papers needed:
– the fumigation receipt
– presenting the fumigation receipt to the guy in the parking lot will earn you a customs paper he signs (after checking the VIN)
– passport (original)
– driver’s license, vehicle registration (originals only)
– 12 USD (though the window price says 10USD; you receive a bill for 44.28 cordobas) entry tax, 12 USD for one month insurance, 3 USD for fumigation

As you go in, there’s a small blue booth where they check the papers and hand you a customs declaration to fill out. You’ll be pointed towards the fumigation booth. Compulsory stop. Then, with the bill and customs declaration, head over to the first building you see (keep left, right side is for trucks). Park your bike towards the end of the parking place (where there are a lot of tables). There you can keep an eye on it from all the offices. An official inspector will come to you in the parking and sign your customs declaration once he checks the VIN of your bike. Go straight through the first door, to Customs. Hand over the passport, driver’s license, and bike registration. It will take about 15min to fill out some forms (on PC). Once done, you sign a paper and they give you a copy. Then, head over to the other end of the building to the migration office and present your passport and the customs declaration – that’s where you get the $10 tourist card for which you pay $12. They keep the customs declaration. Last step before leaving the customs – get insurance outside for $12 USD, or 290 lempiras. The minimum is one month. Make sure everything is spelled right! Once all is done, head out and stop at the check booth, about 500m further. They check all papers and then you’re in Nicaragua! Good luck avoiding the big potholes in the road for the next 40km!

Total time: 1h20 (15 min exiting Honduras, 1h to enter Nicaragua, 5min ride among trucks and fumigation). Started at 4:00pm, got out at 5:20pm
Total money spent: 27 USD – all on Nicaragua side
Difficulty: easy (but the helpers are more aggressive than in Honduras and keep grabbing your hand)