After spending just a few days on the farm, I found out that a good friend Anthony was nearby. What a great opportunity for a short ride to Puerto Viejo. The weather was nice, the ride amazing, and we had a good time on the beach there. Maybe it would have been a lot better for Mr. Hill if I was more of a party person. Unfortunately I was used to going to sleep at 9pm. On the nice beach of Cocles, I gave it another try at improving my swimming skills, or at least floating. With Anthony’s help I realized what I already knew before – it’s a fight for me to float, likely impossible. Doesn’t really matter – we had a couple of days of nice relaxing time at the beach before going back to work, or in his case, keep traveling.

Parque Nacional Cahuita

The rest of the time I spent on the farm was really enriching for me, and I guess beneficial for my host. So many little things experienced for the very first time in my life, little things that bring you joy and they don’t cost anything. For the first time in my life I harvested bananas and plantains (no, you don’t have to climb the tree to get them, you just cut it down with a smart placed swift swing of a machete). Also for the first time I dug out of the ground turmeric, ginger, and yucca roots. Among the first things I’ve done there for the first time I have to mention MIG welding – a new skill I acquired while building a new garage extension for my host. Also not the first time I’ve done it, I poured concrete for a porch – a heavy lifting job, with concrete results (see what I’ve done there?). All these while being surrounded by colorful wildlife – toucans and parrots, lizzards and geckos, colorful frogs and ugly toads, and also a 3-claws sloth. Did I already mention the two lovely dogs of my beautiful host? Both jolly, hairy, and very enjoyable to walk – Kimba and Smoky. And I’m sure that if I had a better developed eye for all these creatures I would’ve spotted more.

And while in the jungle, do what you want with your free time. Myself – tried to fix an oil leak on the bike, taking advantage of the many available tools, courtesy of Kimberly, my lovely host. Of course, things didn’t go as planned, and on the day of departure, Tinkerbell wouldn’t start. I had to open it up again, run for some parts, and only delay my departure with a day. Oil found another path to leak (damn!).

Before leaving Costa Rica, I decided to visit the Natural Park Cahuita. On the Atlantic shore, it’s quite a decent sized park where you can see a lot of animals and snakes. During a 8.3km hike I managed to spot only a few monkeys, lots of spiders, a few colorful birds, and about 20other tourists. The walk on the shore was really sweet, in the shade of almond trees, and definitely worth the time. I hitchhiked the way back to the entrance after a 40min wait for a bus. Back on my bike and off to a new country. Panama, here I come!

Pictures of a couple of the wonderful beaches and parks in Costa Rica

Whole journey map