That would be me, the ‘mastermind’ of this web page. Grew up in Bucharest, educated as engineer, started loving the nature and campfires since high school, and worked with my friends in my first job at EcoXtrem. Then started an IT career  in Brno, which was not entirely what I expected of life. Made nice friends here and grew a desire to travel the world and live free. Then I met Lucy who shares the same wish. We started on this road together.


Where I’ve been so far:

Lucy – we traveled together for the first 6 months in the USA


Hi  : )
I am originally from Brno, but as I child and also as a bigger me I rather spent my free time in a village nearby. My most valuable working experience was in a company providing soft and hard-skills seminars for adults – this motivated me to gain a degree in an education. I like nature, space, and days full of sunshine – but a change is also welcome from time to time. I enjoy company of smiling, open-minded people.





Around The Earth With A Smile and A Backpack ! (no real connection with the wasabi plant, if you were curious). The only goal is to travel, smile and live our lives. Enjoy people, moments, sunny roads and friendly countries. Fighting the bureaucracy, visa processes and the continuous trade of money for happiness.