Since many of you keep asking this question I think it’s time to give a partial answer. As you might have heard, I’ll be leaving the Czech Republic going for a gap year or more.. traveling, experiencing life, exploring new places. And as you can imagine I am not going alone.

Where? Firstly to the US because I’d like to see this place before anything else. It’s a large country with a lot of beautiful scenery, but not a place I would like to live so I’d cross it off the list among the first. Plus, as I’ve been working in a multinational with people from a few american states, I’d like to stop by and meet them in person before we forget each other.
Then we’ll have to see and decide: Australia has a strong calling voice and good arguments, but then the Central and South Americas are a place I’d like to be and maybe settle down. There are only a few factors we’ll have to take into consideration while on the road: visas, money and priorities.

How? The answer is a cliche: sell everything and go! Take a backpack and cash, point the finger on the map and go. And I have to point out that we are quite priviledged as Europeans to be able to travel in many countries without the need for visa. So, except for a few trans-oceanic flights, the rest of the journey should be done by car, or better said hitchhiking. We are not taking any camping gear, but we’re not excluding the possibility. The plan is to try to work our way, either on farms or by offering help for food/accomodation, or even using couchsurfing when possible. Keeping the expenses to a minimum and making the trip longer.

Why? This is a simple answer yet more complicated to elaborate for a non-writer like me. It all started with the feeling (people might often get) that I could do more with my life. That feeling I’m wasting my youth and my soul to a random company and not taking advantage of my best years to travel and build memories. YOLO, right? 😀
And since we all want to do something we like, why not start doing it?! I can’t say I found my passion, but I really enjoy traveling and weirdly maybe, helping people. There might be other reasons which helped me decide – insignificant reasons I come across every now and then, which in the end sum up in the shape of a foot kicking my ass.

Sure, I will miss my friends. It’s not the first time I leave friends behind, lose connections, but so far I happily had a fake impression I could keep up with the news (thank you? facebook). This time I will have limited access to social networks, giving me more time to focus on the trip and experiences. I’d write a post here whenever possible for whoever is interested of my whereabouts, or maybe for sharing some nice moments/pictures.
Sure, I had to sell my stuff which was not that painful until it came to Marrra and Deedee (the motorcycle and the car/van). I somehow feel relieved that I don’t have that many belongings, things to take care of, plain THINGS.