I wanted to say, that I agreed with what Alex wrote about where we go and how. First to the USA with backpacks, then we will see. But then I was forced to express my own opinion and make my own post, so I might change my mind and instead of hitchhiking I will desire to ride a turtle.

Why I want to go

I just feel it is the right moment to move on. One quotation says: “if you don’t like where you are, MOVE, you are not a tree”… so I am moving. The Czech Republic has certainly many qualities, but the winters with one low, thick, endless cloud are quite unpleasant for me, so I want to visit countries with more sunny days.
And why would I stay in one place, when there is so much to discover and experience? so I want to see, feel, smell, hear, touch, smile and be happy 🙂

My current main concern

I need to take the state exam, which is the final part of my studies. And my second main concern is, that I need to sell all my clothes, because I cannot take them with me (in case you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me).


microdermal piercing

I am visiting doctors to make me as healthy as possible beforehand. Later, I will need to sign out from a health insurance and make an insurance for traveling.

I will have the piercing removed from my hand as it is not very practical and it can hurt. I need to get a new ID, as mine would expire soon and I will go and ask for international driving license, because Czech driving license is in the Czech language only, so nobody else can understand it.

By the way, to go to the USA, Czech people just need to fill one electronic document, which wasn’t too long (to my surprise) and pay 14$. I had it approved in a few minutes.


as opposed to the paperwork I had to do just to find out it was for nothing. I had all the documents needed for the interview, but they only asked why I’m going and how long I’m planning to stay, aside from taking my fingerprints. I paid 160$ for it.