I spent the last few days meeting my friends from AT&T (previous colleagues) and John also had to throw a party to test the new grill he bought.


I wanted to add the faces to the names I used to work for almost a year in AT&T and so I took a day to visit the company office in Durham. Besides the guys pictured here, I met some colleagues even from the previous team and my first year in AT&T, like Tim Craycraft and Geoff Kutch. I’ve also greeted Michael Sawyer, but he was a bit too busy for any pleasantries.

And the next day we got ready for the grand barbecue party. John got all the stuff ready and called his friends while we helped him setting up the stuff. It was the first house-party he hosted in the last 18 years since he moved to this place (or at least according to him) and I believe it was a blast. The new grill did good. It can probably handle 30 or even 50 people, so I would encourage John to have this party more often. Thanks Gary for bringing the Cornhole game… it was the first time we played and we had a good time!

And since we were wondering where to go next as Lucy only got the visa for 3 months (as opposed to me who got 6 months), we decided to give it a shot and aim for Canada. I applied for the visa and I was let down that the waiting time was 41 days for the center in NY and 20-something for Los Angeles. However, I applied and got approved for the visa in less than a week. I already sent the passport so we will visit Toronto (and Luana, my ex-neighbor and mountaineer I haven’t seen in years). All we can hope is that Lucy’s US visa will get extended upon reentering the US.