We’re still in NC, at John’s place, planning the next steps on our journey. While the next destination is set for Canada, the road there has not yet been decided. However, we’re enjoying the time here, visiting friends and experiencing new stuff. Yesterday John drove us to the White Lake and we had a nice bath there.

“White Lake is very unique in that it has a white sandy bottom and is blessed with crystal clear waters. This is because it is fed by subterranean springs, the source of which most probably comes from as far away as the Piedmont area.”
“It has been said many times that White Lake is the most beautiful body of water in the eastern United States. Our State’s Travel and Promotion Division bills it as the ‘most used lake in North Carolina.’ It has also been labeled as the ‘Nation’s Safest Beach.” (source)

Unfortunately, the lake is not white anymore. The algae took over, giving it a green color and a specific scent. That didn’t keep us or anyone else there away from the water. It’s been a long drive and a short bath as the sun was really strong, making the sand unbearable to the skin. So out of the water and into the shade, where John got us a good ice-cream, making me feel like a kid again…

We drove back, took a shower to get the sand out of the hair, and attended dinner at Mike Messina’s place. We met a part of his nice family and found out about his passion: hunting. I was telling John on the way back that the hunting stories might be a bit more entertaining than the fishermen’s, as there are more causes of missing the shot. We had a delicious meal, Italian style, finishing up with great strawberry muffins (and marshmallows, for the first time). We had a real good time and a decent amount of talking, probably due to the fine liquors.

me, Jessica, Cindy, Mike, Mike’s mom, Lucy, John

And today we flew over the area with John… what a bumpy ride, what a nice feeling. Got our bellies ready for some mexican food with the family.

It feels good here, almost like home. As soon as I get the truck fixed and passport back, we’ll head out for a longer trip. We’ll keep posting our stories (without videos so far, till we find faster internet)!