It comes a time when you start to appreciate a hot shower, a cozy couch to lay on and a good night sleep on a fluffy bed. We drove to Nashville knowing that we’ll meet a nice person and talk for a while and even have a shower. The timing was perfect, reached the town in the afternoon and stopped at one of those fast foods good for providing healthy WIFI. And this is when we realized that our host gave us no address to meet and no phone number (been asking for some contact since the night before). Long story short, we slept in the visitor parking at the marina, which turned out to be quite reasonable – but I wonder how can you say “sure, come on over!” and “let’s meet at the restaurant” expecting the other to read your mind and guess the address.

We spent only two nights in Nashville, but if we had some American money we’d spend probably a lot more. Or maybe just me, considering that Broadway is a crowded party place with good live country music in every pub, plenty of short skirts and tops, sexy boots and cowboy hats on dirty looking faces of beautiful women. And besides that, a few nice museums probably worth visiting, unfortunately with entrance fees ranging from $23 up to almost $60 (the entrance for one day to the Ink-and-Ride tattoo convention, gathering rednecks and their best hotrod cars and rat bikes from all around the country). That convention was one of the places I would have gone to and maybe even gotten some ink done, but not for that money. As good Europeans we are, we spent our money on cheap tickets: went to the full size Pantheon replica for $6 each and tried to get into the free museums (the only free one was closed when we attempted).

However, this is the first time we got our ID’s checked while entering a pub, and a second time only few hours later while getting beer in the grocery store. I guess we still look young!

Nashville is not a huge city (about 660k people), or not so big according to me, but it seems to have gathered a lot of young sexy souls around the music and performance stages. It is the city we’ve seen the most brides to be, the most happy people and all in all it left a good impression on me. I hope these pictures will inspire you to get to visit Nashville, the city with speakers at every traffic light downtown, so you’re not bored waiting to cross the streets! Go with your friends and take a lot of money for parties, booze and… spending (even for museums).

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