A small stop before Des Moines just to see this spider-beetle. Interesting creation, but far smaller than expected.

If you don’t know what a state fair is, you might imagine all sorts of things… definitely people trying to sell and buy stuff, but also lots of fun. This fair is a country, folk, farmer’s fair – call it how you want it, but there is probably no better way to meet the average country man in US. There were so many people and so many stands that one day is not enough to cover everything. There are many stages and many points where stuff is going on, that is pretty hard to decide what you want to see more. However, let’s not forget it’s a fair and that people are there to make money. We arrived at noon and left at 10.30pm and walked a lot during this time. There were plenty of scenes bringing up memories of one or another… like a big ass barbecue, or Idaho potatoes, but most of all there was true countryside spirit: people auctioning animals, and cleaning them before, nice polished vintage cars and their owners, bands of folk or country singers, high schools promoting their courses, a wide variety of farm produce, and definitely a ton of contests and prizes.

Probably the best show of the day was with this hypnotist, Ron Diamond… making people do and say stuff. It was so hilarious that we went for the second one – different show, different people, different jokes. Really good show.

We managed to see the shiny State Capitol from the free bus, on the way back, late at night. Its shiny roof was pale in comparison to the fair. Long live the farmers!

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