Before crossing to Canada, we left Marquette and had a wonderful drive and a foggy sunset along the northern shore of Lake Michigan, a bit further South towards St. Ignace (thanks to Ellisa’s father who recommended us this road). We found a place to camp in the wild, not before trying a few by-roads well hidden, and almost got stuck in a sandy one. Our camping site was one of a kind: the road there was covered with green branches up to a meter high, and driving there was a challenge, as we couldn’t see much ahead. And the walk from the place to the shore was through a swamp and over some dunes – really wild.

The next day we entered Canada over the bridge in Sault Ste. Marie, a very uncommon place for crossing the border even for Americans. They had to look on a list to see what we need and if we need some special visa to enter. We were only a few cars passing through there in the middle of the day. The process was easy, not many questions asked – their main concern was if we carried weapons. However, finding a good exchange rate was not that easy! Beware of the “exchange booths” by the border – they have a very bad rate. We got about $30 extra by changing 300USD at a local bank.

The small city had nothing worth seeing, and we followed the recommendations we got at the Visitor center to go to the next Natural park – Chutes. We didn’t regret it at all: a small walk to stretch our legs was welcome and the park was not too large to get us tired. It took us 2h to walk around the whole trail, see some nice waterfalls, and have a shower before leaving. We also found a few lakes on the way to Toronto where we stopped to freshen up and feel the sand between our toes.