We spent a few wonderful days with Ellisa in Marquette, MI because we met in Brno and I wanted to meet her again in the US. Her parents were kind enough to have us for a few days and hopefully we didn’t get into anyone’s way. After 3 days in Marquette, I believe the best thing one can do is to go to the beach, swim, spend time in the sun, and then do it again and again. Lake Superior built a lovely sandy beach along its Southern shore, and we enjoyed that to the fullest. The hot sun and the relatively warm water we had were quite a surprise after the last few cloudy days.

And thanks to Ellisa, I went kayaking for the first time. And it wasn’t on a river, or on a sea, but on a sweet water lake that looks larger than many of the seas I’ve seen. And of course I flipped over at some point, as I was approaching the shore. The water was so clear that we could see the bottom, which was really nice close to the shore, but became a bit scary as we paddled around a small rocky island.

Other highlights of the city: largest wooden dome in the world, a couple of ore docks out of which only one is still in use, a trendy brewery we had to visit and the traditional “pasties” – a yummy pastry bowl stuffed with meat and potatoes and baked till the whole thing gets crusty and the tastes inside blend. Of course we tried the famous waffle fries and the “gyros” that was quite far from a real gyros. The fries were really interesting, but I think I enjoyed the soup more.

I’d say we had a very relaxing time with Ellisa and her family by sharing a few meals and listening to some of her father’s stories. They live in an artsy house with a lot of materials and sources of inspiration to create some interesting works. We even got a print-copy of one of her dad’s works which we happily decorated Frank with: it lays above us on the roof, to have us think of the beach and the waves in Marquette.

PS: We’re already in Canada (for the past 2 days, enjoying the wilderness – without wifi). Tell you more about it soon.

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