We started our way North through Prescott, where we had a very nice host and a good time troubleshooting little problems with the car. Luke was our host for a couple of nights, but it felt like I knew him from another life… Prescott was a nice small city, very peaceful, but at the same time, we haven’t seen any others around here.

Following our host’s recommendation, we took the road through Jerome, heading to Sedona. We don’t take highways/interstates unless we’d save a lot of money or time that way. Jerome, a former mining city, was build on the side of a hill and you can see relics of mining equipment or old buildings all around. But we were heading towards Sedona in a hot summer day for us, or a cool autumn day for the locals. We heard about this city from many different sources, and everyone praised it. Turns out this was our ‘base-camp’ for the next few days.

We started, like any tourist, by getting a map at the visitor center. After that, we planned to see the whole area around Sedona, taking trips back and forth among the most famous points of interest, while discovering other stuff along the way. What is close to Sedona, and why everyone likes it: Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Red Rock, and some other visually impacting sites, as well as three ‘energy vortexes’ that attract a lot of yoga practitioners to recharge their “batteries”. Nothing but words for us when we started there, but we slowly realized that the place was a oasis of calm and good vibes. Apparently, the city was a former hippie community which slowly became popular and attracted more tourists less interested in the multitude of ‘Mardi Gras beads’ stores or the local art, and more by the views and the shopping areas. We also hiked around, trying to meditate and feel those energy vortexes… but I was probably too noob to feel anything else but heat.

No free camping around the city, as usual, but the Lithuanian volunteer at the visitor center told us about a side-road 20 miles before the city where we ended up sleeping the following couple of nights. One lovely morning we even woke up with the balloon crews preparing to land the yellow sky-conquering beasts, full of rich tourists.

Oh yes, the pictures, the awesome ones:

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