Los Angeles is the last stop on our trip in the USA. It’s a place where we wanted to relax, sell the car and plan our journey ahead. Before reaching LA, we drove through the Mojave Desert and saw the impressive concentrated solar power systems (or better said, their towers). And once in LA, thanks to our host Mike, we relaxed for almost 4 days and also sold our car to one of his Mexican neighbors. But… first things first! As we came to the Los Angeles county, our first stop was Santa Monica. We went to the beach, took a long stroll and checked the pier! This is a place full of bicycles and skaters, and it’s good the city ran these special lanes wide enough for everyone. However, it’s very hard to find a free place to park. We also saw the world famous “Hotel California”, famous probably thanks to that song you all sang out loud when you were drunk 😉

The next day we checked the hill of the Observatory, visited the house where Brandon and Brenda lived in “Beverly Hills 90210” TV show, walked on the Hollywood boulevard (you know, the one with the stars), and saw the sun come down over Santa Monica blvd in Beverly Hills. It was a nice day, well spent. No, it’s not as nice as you see it in the movies, but the sunset at least is very special in this area. The ocean breeze blows strong enough to move the girls’ hair everywhere and the smog make the sky look like it’s burning. The next two days we spent trying to sell the car, meet a few people, and do some last minute chores like retrieving the digital camera from a trustful person, Rose, the mom of the nice couple we met in Sacramento, Dee and John.

And one of these days was Thanksgiving… and that’s when we decided to celebrate it the American way, by spending some time in a line in front of Best Buy. No, we didn’t buy anything, just stood there, looking interested and taking pictures. On the first evening, our host took us to the top of the hill at Kenneth Hahn State Rec. Area where we could actually have an overview of the whole city around us, as well as a nice sunset.

Well, one hour now before heading to the airport and I’m getting nervous. Tomorrow at 6am I’ll be in a new country, potentially dangerous, and alone. USA was kind to us, and Walmart was a good friend, but more data about USA in the next summary post.

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