Lucky enough to enter the park before the official closing time on 1st of November, but quite unlucky to find some of the facilities closed, and also pretty cold. We spent 3 whole days in the park, and four nights right outside the park, around a mile away from the West entrance. The park is a great place to visit, with places so surreal that seem to be from another world. Judging by the huge parking places around, I figured out the park must be full of visitors during the summer time. Another reason to be lucky now – sharing the road and the best views with only a handful of people. It’s true, hiking was not at all encouraged due to the wild bears feeding for the winter and a lot of other big animals around.

We came for the wildlife and volcanic environment and we had plenty of both. We saw few herds of elk, quite a lot of buffaloes, some calmly walking along the street, and even a couple of coyotes. Lots of wild birds around as well, birds I can’t name, but really beautiful ones. Out of this world scenery with steaming pots, springs, volcanoes, and rivers of colors were pretty much everywhere and we didn’t hesitate to take hundreds of pictures regardless of the weather.

We didn’t see any bear, grizzly or brown, but we were truly impressed by the wilderness. One morning we woke up with some snow around us, and the weather was really cold but truly worth the small sacrifice of waking up before sunrise to start the car and warm up. Enjoy few of the pictures we took here, and check some more on Picasa (link down at the bottom).

Currently we’re heading to Portland and spending the Halloween in its originating country. Should be fun!

More pictures from Yellowstone

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