Crossing the border from Belize to Guatemala on motorcycle – today, March 8th 2016

I reached the Belize border coming from San Ignacio at 9:30am, got out of the Belize at 10:00am and completely crossed over to Guatemalan side at 11:00am. Before crossing the border, I read Mike’s post about it, and I had exactly 32 Quetzals in coins, according to his post here. That was not enough. I paid 172 GTQ (Quetzals)

Getting out of Belize:
1.Park the bike and go to the big building on the left. First counter: pay the $37.5 Belize. I was delayed because one of the $10 bill I presented was partially torn and taped back. I had no other Belize or USD to pay.
2.Second counter gets your exit stamp in the passport.
3.In between the two counters, there is a door to the left. Take that door and go all the way to the other side to get your import stamp in your passport cancelled. You will have to present the import paper – that stays with them.

Entering Guatemala:
1.Go slow on the side of the car spraying tunnel and park on the right side, immediately after it for the “fumigacion”. Two sprays on the rear wheel only 12 GTQ (Quetzals). Not sure if you can skip this procedure or not, but apparently nobody checks the receipt further on.
2.Move a bit further and park the bike, for the passport stamp in the big building on the left. There are three offices: immigration, customs and the cashier for the tax. First go to the immigration, on the rightmost end of the row. Get a stamp, no questions asked (I had to wait, as they had to ask their supervisor stuff about my rare passport)
3.Continue to the next office, any of the 3 on the leftmost side. You need a copy of the passport, copy of the driver’s license, copy of the vehicle registration, and the originals as well. You will sign two import forms and they will send you to the only desk left, the one in the middle. You get your receipt there: 160 GTQ at the cashier – This is when I realized I’m short, and they only accept quetzals. And since I had no USD to exchange, I walked all the way uphill to the Texaco gas station to withdraw some money, and then back to pay the entrance fee.
4.Take the receipt back to the desk in the middle and pick your import form and sticker from the desks on the left.
5.Pay the bridge tax of 10GTQ – a municipality tax collected at the end of the bridge (or go fast and pretend you didn’t even see the booth, as it’s not a requirement. Also, there is no barrier). I forgot about this little detail, so I stopped and paid. My loss of 1.2 USD.

So, there is no need for any running around for copies if you came prepared.
In total, you need 172 Quetzals (+10 – optional), which equals $23.64 USD. No, you can’t pay in USD.
And also the Belize exit fee of 37.5 Belize dollars which you can also pay by card.

And if you’re going to Flores/Tikal and missed the signs, keep going straight! Safe journey – after riding smooth and fast for a while, the road grows big potholes out of nowhere or completely missing the asphalt.

Initial data (from previous post):
-my motorcycle was bought in Oaxaca, Mexico, and it was already registered on someone’s name
-buying a new motorcycle as a tourist in Mexico is impossible (according to the dealers and forums) but I heard of people who did it somehow, so I did it too (read more about it a couple of posts before).