Crossing the border into Panama was probably the one that took me much longer than any other before. But the bitter taste I left the border with didn’t last too long. Not even 5km from the border I met Rose who came to check out on me, and spend a great evening riding together. The next morning another adventure was in front of me: a boat trip to Bocas del Toro. And since it’s good to meet some friends once in a while, there they were, waiting for me: Audrika and Marco, a funny couple I met before in El Salvador. They somehow managed to catch up with me after the month I spent in Costa Rica. It’s been a wonderful day at the beach, saw a few dolphins, enjoyed the starfish and other weird water creatures roaming around. Also got sun burnt, but it was definitely worth it. Very grateful for the advice of leaving the bike on the shore – the roads there were terrible.

@Las Lajas, Panama

Happy after sharing some wine with friends, I left the next day to David, where Jorge welcomed me to his house. As a good guest, I showed up wet to the underwear thanks to a heavy rain, but carrying beer! I didn’t expect to spend the night somewhere else, but here I am, on the car with Jorge, heading to Edgar’s place – a friend of his from a village in the mountains called Vulcan (on the other side of Baru volcano than Boquete). We drove till night fell and I felt cold for the first time in months. Shorts, tshirt and flipflops didn’t do it. Not even the summer sleeping bag kept me warm enough over the night – but hell, I enjoyed it! Way better than the daily sweating program. One of the following days I went to Boquete to hike up the highest volcano in Panama – Baru (3475m) but the weather was bad for hiking – heavy rain in the afternoon. Especially bad for a hike that takes 10h to get to the top of the mountain in a cloud.

Few more days in David, then off to Chitre, with a night stop on the beach in Las Lajas. The only hostel there was closed, and the other places would charge a minimum of $35 / night. Nope. Sleeping on the beach it is. As it is off season, many places were closed. Just picked the nicest one and slept there, drinking coconuts and eating mangoes for dinner and breakfast. The beach was amazing, but I didn’t go in the water (too busy hunting coconuts). Headed out to Chitre in the morning to meet some more bikers willing to help me. Thanks Free Rider – Chitre, Vikingos – Las Tablas, and my friends from HD Belize MC. I spent in Chitre more time than I planned but I felt awesome there, like part of the family.

Next stop Panama city, and who knows what next! Stay tuned for the next episode 😉

— Pictures from Panama so far —

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